WiFi Security

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Wireless networks are common for enterprise offices and homes as they offer seamless connectivity without sacrificing mobility. As we rely more on Wi-Fi, the convenience that it brings also comes with heightened security risks. This course will introduce the technical concept of Wi-Fi and WLAN technology and examine its threat landscape, potential vulnerabilities and wireless exploits. The webinar then discusses wireless security standards, and outline some security practices and mitigation techniques.


This course will cover the following topics:

  • Brief intro to 802.11 protocols
  • Security concerns and exploits
  • Wireless security standards
  • Wi-Fi security tips and practices

Course Materials

Sheryl (Shane) Hermoso

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Sheryl 在加入 APNIC 之前曾任网络和系统管理员等。在菲律宾大学学习期间,她担任技术支持助理,开始了职业生涯。Sheryl 完成了其计算机工程学位,并继续在该大学担任网络工程师,负责管理 DILNET 网络主干和无线基础设施