Sonia Edward

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Sonia started as a Graduate IP Engineer with Telikom PNG and worked for 6 years on the customer access network.

Sonia has recently joined PNG DataCo, a Tier 2 ISP and the internet Gateway of Papua New Guinea as the core IP engineer. Her role involves core routing and switching of traffic.

Sonia shares her knowledge as a retained community trainer for APNIC.

Milan Adhikari

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Milan Adhikari is a dedicated network engineer with almost nine years of experience at WorldLink Communications, Nepal. His current role revolves around the configuration and operations of Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) and AAA services. He possesses a robust skillset in networking technologies, including OSPF, ISIS, BGP, MPLS, and wireless networking. He has also been an active volunteer and workshop provider at npNOG since 2018, wherein he contributes to the growth and sharing of knowledge within the networking community.

Md Abdullah Al Naser

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Naser is a professional IP network enthusiast with extensive experience working in large ISPs, telecoms, and enterprise network infrastructures. He specializes in planning and designing complex network solutions for both service providers and corporate networks, with expertise in advanced routing protocols such as OSPF, IS-IS, and BGP, as well as IPv6 and MPLS. Alongside his profession, Naser is also involved in technical writing and providing technical training within his capacity.

Qazi Shamsud Tahmeed

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Q S Tahmeed has more than 17 years of experience working in ISP/NSP entities in Bangladesh. He has strong knowledge and experience in the design, development & operation of scalable and resilient network infrastructure and services. His technical interest areas include Internet Routing & Security, OSPF, IPv6 Deployment, Network Automation, MPLS, Network Security, Segment Routing.

Tahmeed shares his knowledge as the retained community trainer in Bangladesh for APNIC. 

Tashi Phuntsho

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Tashi 在 IP 和傳輸網路設計、作業和維護方面擁有十多年的經驗,曾擔任傳輸工程師和 IP 核心網路工程師。 其透過就路由和交換、網路架構、IXP 設計和部署、網路安全性、IPv6 部署、DNSSEC 等提供技術援助和訓練,參與 APNIC 社群的能力建設。 Tashi 在印度完成其電氣和電子工程本科學習,同時在日本做過下一代網路研究,在澳洲修完網路系統相關研究生課程。