Md Abdullah Al Naser

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Naser is a professional IP network enthusiast with extensive experience working in large ISPs, telecoms, and enterprise network infrastructures. He specializes in planning and designing complex network solutions for both service providers and corporate networks, with expertise in advanced routing protocols such as OSPF, IS-IS, and BGP, as well as IPv6 and MPLS. Alongside his profession, Naser is also involved in technical writing and providing technical training within his capacity.

Warren Finch

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Warren 是一名經驗豐富的顧問和訓練師,在資訊技術和服務行業擁有豐富的工作經驗。精通 Windows、Cisco IOS、虛擬化、技術支援和使用者訓練。

Warren 自 1994 年研究微型電腦以來就一直深耕資訊技術行業。他曾在澳洲新南威爾士州 TAFE 學院擔任系統管理員,然後在亞太地區的酒店擔任安裝和支援電腦系統的顧問。過去 3 年,他在一家託管服務商處擔任高階顧問,針對網路/系統的所有元件提供端到端支援和升級。2018 年初,他作為講師在中國上海履行一份為期 4 個月合約,講授 Cisco CCNA 和 CCNA 安全課程。