Using RIPE Atlas for network diagnostics

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RIPE Atlas is a global, open, distributed Internet measurement platform, consisting of thousands of measurement devices(probes) that measure Internet connectivity in real time. In this webinar, we will introduce the RIPE Atlas project and demonstrate measurements such as traceroute, DNS etc which can provide valuable insight into a network and enable troubleshooting. We will explore running measurements from the Web UI and also from the CLI, and finally share details about how you can host a software probe in your network.


This course will cover the following topics:

  • What is the RIPE Atlas project and why does it matter
  • Getting started with RIPE Atlas measurements – traceroute, dns etc
  • Demo of measurements from Web UI and CLI
  • Host a RIPE Atlas Software probe 

Course Material

• You have a RIPE NCC Access account (create one here:
• You have logged in web page

Jessica Wei

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Bei(英文名 Jessica)于 2007 年从华中科技大学电子工程专业毕业,同年加入 Huawei 担任网络培训专员。

在接下来的六年中,她为 Huawei 提供 LAN/WAN 系统、宽带接入、IP 核心网络和 IP 移动回程网络方面的技术培训,并致力于技术培训课程的设计及 IP 培训材料的编写。在 Huawei 中国培训中心,她为来自越南、巴布亚新几内亚、泰国、巴基斯坦和孟加拉国等 15 个国家的工程师和管理员提供技术培训。


Tashi Phuntsho

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Tashi 在 IP 和传输网络设计、运行和维护方面拥有十多年的经验,曾担任传输工程师和 IP 核心网络工程师。 其通过就路由和交换、网络体系结构、IXP 设计和部署、网络安全、IPv6 部署、DNSSEC 等提供技术援助和培训,参与 APNIC 社区的能力建设。 Tashi 在印度完成其电气和电子工程本科学习,同时在日本做过下一代网络研究,在澳大利亚修完网络系统相关研究生课程。