APNIC face-to-face training events are organized in partnership with local hosts who wish to bring a training session to their community or organize an exclusive or customized event. The local host is responsible for several logistical elements of the event:

  • Publicize the event to the local or national community as appropriate
  • Secure a suitable venue
  • Arrange catering
  • Assist APNIC staff in obtaining visas and finding accommodation
  • Provide a high-speed Internet connection, multimedia projector, whiteboard or other classroom writing surface, and other on-site logistics

Benefits of hosting an event

  • Complimentary seats for your staff
  • Save on travel and accommodation costs by hosting your own event
  • Expose your organization and brand to the local and regional market
  • Help APNIC offer more courses to the community

APNIC will announce training courses to the wider community, register all attendees, and pay all travel and accommodation costs for APNIC Trainers and any shipping costs for materials.

Unless you are hosting an exclusive event, APNIC training events must be open to individuals outside your organization.