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Simon Sohel Baroi

APNIC Community Trainer

Simon Sohel Baroi

Simon designed the ITC (International Terrestrial Cable) System. Working with the major ILD operators like Reliance; Tata; Bharti; PCCW; TM Global; Sparkle; Equinix; Global Switch. Establishing the International POP at Singapore; Malaysia and UK.

Designed the Integrated IIG (International Internet Gateway) with CISCO. Capacity 10 Gbps.

Simon has seven years of core experience in Telecommunication sector with vendors like HUAWEI; LS Cable & System; TEJAS Networks; CISCO; Harris Stratex.

Simon shares his knowledge as a volunteer community trainer.

Kỹ năng & Chuyên môn

  • IPv6
  • MPLS
  • NMM
  • Định tuyến
  • Chuyên gia đào tạo