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Che-Hoo Cheng

Infrastructure and Development Director

Che-Hoo Cheng

Che-Hoo joined APNIC in April 2017. His current responsibilities at APNIC include training, technical assistance, security outreach, internal infrastructure services and IT support, technical and security community engagement, and Internet infrastructure support.

Before APNIC, Che-Hoo was in charge of Hong Kong Internet eXchange (HKIX) and the university IT infrastructure at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). He also worked for Level 3 Asia and FLAG Telecom Asia taking care of their IP business in the region. He has accumulated over 30 years of experience and knowledge of Internet and IT infrastructure and human connections through services for APNIC Executive Council, .ASIA TLD (Top Level Domain) application and .ASIA Board, APIX, .HK, Hong Kong Academic and Research Network (HARNET), HKISPA, ISOC-HK, HKNOG, APRICOT-APAN 2011 in Hong Kong and APAN 42 in Hong Kong.

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