About APNIC Academy

APNIC Academy develops the knowledge and capabilities of Internet network operators, managers, educators, and regulators by helping them understand and effectively manage Internet resources, as well as apply appropriate Internet technologies and techniques.

What we offer

APNIC Academy is a learning resource for the Asia Pacific Internet community, offering accessibility and continuity of learning. We have a team of experts to support you on your learning journey.

Explore our range of self-paced courses and online tutorials or discover the next in-person workshops near you.

APNIC Academy online platform

Online courses

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Gain a certificate of achievement with self-paced online learning courses.

Technical Assistance

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Find an expert on the Technical Assistance platform.

Virtual labs

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Hands-on e-learning using multiple cloud-based instances of virtual machines and network topologies.

Training Events

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Register for a range of upcoming online, face-to-face and hybrid events.

Instructor-led training

APNIC delivers instructor-led training across the Asia Pacific region. Our courses are conducted online and in-person and can be tutorials or multi-day workshops. View and register for our upcoming instructor-led trainings to find out more.

Include half- day or full-day presentations and demonstrations.

Include presentations and hands-on lab exercises. These courses last between three and five days, depending on needs and availability.

Use APNIC Academy to:

Make the most of your resources with a deeper understanding of regional address management policies, which are the foundation of your network plan.

Empower your staff with a full understanding of technology and processes, so they can undertake tasks with more confidence and success

Apply best current practices to ensure your organization keeps pace with the latest industry developments.

Improve your services by developing your team’s skills to provide better services to your clients, while providing your team with professional networking opportunities

Course Catalogue

APNIC offers courses to teach participants to proficiently understand, configure, and manage their Internet infrastructure and services whilst embracing current best practices.

View the Course Catalogue to find out the courses on offer.

Partners & Sponsors

APNIC collaborates with several partners to deliver training across the region, and supports local events through sponsorship.

Technical Assistance

APNIC provides technical assistance to Members. Members can connect with experts through the Technical Assistance Platform to receive practical, hands-on information and assistance. For more information about Technical Assistance, please contact [email protected] or visit the Technical Assistance Platform (Members Only).