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Yasir Shamim

APNIC Community Trainer

Yasir Shamim

Yasir is associated with Internet Network Operations in Australia and Pakistan. He has more than a decade’s experience in Routing & Switching with skills in IP/MPLS and BGP, Wired (Metro Ethernet, GPON) and Wireless( VSAT & RF P2P, P2MP). He completed his BS Electronics Engineering in Network and Telecommunication and ME in Telecommunication from Pakistan.

He actively volunteers his time for setting up the IXP infrastructure in Pakistan at hub cities and assisting internet service providers & network operators to secure the BGP advertisement by implementing RPKI ROA and ROV.

Yasir shares his knowledge as a volunteer community trainer.

Ур чадвар & Мэргэшлүүд

  • MPLS
  • NMM
  • Рутинг
  • RPKI
  • SDN
  • Илтгэгч
  • Сургагч