Physical Information Security

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Learn about the convergence of physical security and information security, while highlighting some of the vulnerabilities and countermeasures commonly found in office environments, including understanding of physical security vulnerabilities, and what to ask physical security vendors/installers.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • What is physical security?
  • Why is physical security important in an information world?
    • Case study: Australian Customs Service at Sydney International Airport
    • Case study: Minority Report (2002 Film)
  • The timeline of security controls
    • Prevent, detect, respond
  • Common vulnerabilities and controls
    • Doors
    • Office environments
    • Server rooms
    • Safes
    • Outside the office and while travelling
  • Areas that require specialist advice
    • Fire and environmental protection
    • Locks
  • Next steps
  • System/network engineers
  • IT managers
  • Risk/security auditors
  • Physical security managers

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