Hosted vs. Delegated RPKI

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So you've decided that it's time to go beyond creating ROAs and you want to deploy RPKI on your network. In the course you will learn more about the differences between hosted RPKI and delegated RPKI and their use cases.

We will discuss different scenarios in which delegated RPKI could be useful, for example, large enterprises, NRENs and organisations that have gone through mergers and acquisitions. With delegated RPKI, you can run your own RPKI Certification Authority, manage your ROAs and publish them in your own repository. It also allows you to further delegate Certification Authorities.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • An overview of the differences between Hosted and Delegated RPKI;
  • Why Delegated RPKI might be a good option for your organisation;
  • An overview of the features available with Delegated RPKI;
  • Publishing ROAs with APNIC or publishing yourself;
  • System, uptime and failover requirements.

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