APNIC Policy Framework & Development Process

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APNIC Policies are the rules that control the way IP addresses and Autonomous System Numbers are distributed and registered in the Asia Pacific. The procedures for discussing and deciding proposed changes to APNIC policies are called the Policy Development Process (usually referred to as the PDP).

Policies are proposed, discussed, and decided by the APNIC membership and the broader Internet community, in a bottom-up multi-stakeholder consensus decision-making process. 

This course will look at the PDP and the policies that change the way the Internet number resources are delegated and used by the network operators. 

We will also look at how the technical community, network operators, etc., can actively participate in policy development and keep up to date about future changes in the industry. 

This course will cover the following topics:

  • What is a policy?
  • Types of policies;
  • APNIC region Policy framework;
  • APNIC region Policy development process (PDP);
  • How to propose a policy change;
  • Who can participate and how.

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