WiFi Security

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Wireless networks are common for enterprise offices and homes as they offer seamless connectivity without sacrificing mobility. As we rely more on Wi-Fi, the convenience that it brings also comes with heightened security risks. This course will introduce the technical concept of Wi-Fi and WLAN technology and examine its threat landscape, potential vulnerabilities and wireless exploits. The webinar then discusses wireless security standards, and outline some security practices and mitigation techniques.


This course will cover the following topics:

  • Brief intro to 802.11 protocols
  • Security concerns and exploits
  • Wireless security standards
  • Wi-Fi security tips and practices

Course Materials

Sheryl (Shane) Hermoso

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Sheryl는 APNIC에 입사하게 전에 네트워크 시스템 관리자로서 다양한 역할을 수행하였습니다. 그는 University of the Philippines에 재학하는 동안 기술 지원 보조로 커리어를 시작하였습니다. 컴퓨터 공학 학사 과정을 마친 후에는 같은 대학에서 네트워크 엔지니어로 근무하면서 DILNET 네크워크 백본 및 무선 인프라를 관리하였습니다.