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Qazi Shamsud Tahmeed

APNIC Community Trainer (Retained)

Qazi Shamsud Tahmeed

Q S Tahmeed has more than 17 years of experience working in ISP/NSP entities in Bangladesh. He has strong knowledge and experience in the design, development & operation of scalable and resilient network infrastructure and services. His technical interest areas include Internet Routing & Security, OSPF, IPv6 Deployment, Network Automation, MPLS, Network Security, Segment Routing.

Tahmeed shares his knowledge as the retained community trainer in Bangladesh for APNIC. 

기술 & 전문지식

  • Advance IPv6 Security
  • Community Trainer (Retained)
  • Internet Routing
  • IPv6 Deployment
  • IS-IS
  • MPLS
  • Network Automation
  • 네트워크 보안
  • OSPF
  • 보안
  • Segment Routing
  • 강사