Historical Resource Management and the Benefits of RPKI

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From 1 January 2023 Historical Resources in the APNIC region need to be managed under a Member or Non-Member account to continue to receive registry services from APNIC. This is a result APNIC Executive Council (EC) directive made on 22 February 2021 during APNIC 51.

One of the registry services that historical resource account holders will have access to is RPKI (Resource Public Key Infrastructure). This course will cover the improvements and benefits of RPKI, and the impact this will have on the network operations industry.

  • Background on historical resources
  • Executive Council resolutions and it’s impact on historical resource holders
  • What is RPKI?
  • RPKI improvements being made and how it benefits the network operations industry
  • Next steps historical resource holders need to take to continue to receive registry services
  • Q&A
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