Support local capacity building

APNIC is actively involved in Internet development throughout the Asia-Pacific region. We collaborate with regional and international organizations to provide training and educational services to network operators, managers and regulators.

Our training programmes are one of our core commitments to the Asia-Pacific networking community in order that it can maximize the benefits of Internet resources and develop networks in a secure and efficient way. Our training staff travel throughout the region, delivering knowledge and best current practices in the areas of:

  • Routing and switching
  • Routing, switching and MPLS
  • IPv6 deployment and transition technologies
  • DNS and DNSSEC deployment
  • Network security and incident handling
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN)

How can APNIC support your technical community?

APNIC Academy can help your community understand how to effectively manage Internet resources and apply appropriate Internet technologies and techniques. Topics we teach are available in our course catalogue.

APNIC often partners with local community organisations to deliver training. Partnered training courses must be open to any interested individuals outside of your organization and the maximum class size is 40 participants.

APNIC training is tailored to each community and may include:

  • Provision of lead and assist trainers
  • Training lab and equipment
  • Electronic copies of all training materials
  • Certificates upon successful completion
  • Event registration system
  • Venue and catering support

Contact us to discuss an APNIC training event in your community

Venue requirements

  • Large Screen + Projector
  • Registration desk with 2 chairs
  • Lapel microphone for trainers (1 mic)
  • Audio system designed for training room environment with an appropriate speaker system
  • Instructor table at front/side of room
    • Two chairs
    • Projector HDMI cable runs to table
    • Power strips at participant seats, one outlet socket per participant
    • Whiteboard, eraser, marker pens (3 different colours) and Flipchart

Connectivity requirements

  • A high speed Internet connectivity (a 2MB dedicated link preferred)
  • Unrestricted Internet access (with no filters for SSH, Telnet, ICMP, Protocol41), provided on one ethernet cable run to instructor table