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Mohammad Fakrul Alam

APNIC Community Trainer

Mohammad Fakrul Alam

Mohammad Fakrul Alam is Senior Systems Engineer at NTT Limited.

Fakrul worked for several organizations which includes MSP, RIR, IXP, ISP, Financial Institutes. He has strong knowledge of, and operational experience in building and deploying scalable, reliable network infrastructure.

Fakrul is a founding member of bdCERT (Bangladesh Computer Emergency Response Team) and bdNOG (Bangladesh Network Operators Group). Active speaker in different international conferences which includes APRICOT, SANOG, PACNOG, IDNOG and other regional NOG’s and security conferences. Fakrul volunteers his time as an APNIC Community Trainer.


  • IPv6
  • Network Automation
  • NMM
  • ルーティング
  • SDN
  • セキュリティ
  • トレーナー