RPKI Deployment

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Webinar Overview

The webinar will focus on the different steps involved in deploying/implementing RPKI (from an operator’s point of view) – how to sign resources (ROA creation) through the MyAPNIC Portal, how to verify/check the ROAs, how to deploy RPKI validators, how to configure a RTR session between BGP speaking routers and the validator, how to interpret the validation states of received routes, and how to act (drop or apply policies) the validation states on the routers.


This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • What is RPKI
  • Benefits of RPKI
  • RPKI Building Blocks
  • RPKI Profile
  • Trust Anchor (TA)
  • Issuing Party
  • Single Trust Anchor
  • Routing Origin Authorization (ROA)
  • Relying Party (RPKI Validator)
  • Origin Validation
  • Validation States
  • Policies Based on Validation
  • RPKI Caveats
  • Create (Publish) Your ROA
  • Check Your ROA
  • Deploy RPKI Validator
  • RIPE – Validator
  • Dragon Research – Validator
  • Routinator – Validator
  • Configuration (IOS)
  • Configuration (JunOS)