Bruce Large

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Bruce is the Principal Operational Technology (OT) Cyber Security Architect at CyberCX and he has 14 years of experience working with IT and OT in network and system engineering roles. Bruce has worked in Electricity Generation, Railway, Aviation, Emergency Services and Consulting industries. ​

Bruce is a Foundation Chartered SABSA Architect (SCF), holds the GIAC Response and Industrial Defense (GRID) certificate and has attended Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Cyber Security training at QUT. He also graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Telecommunications) First Class Honours and a Master of Business (Applied Finance) with Distinction from QUT. ​

Swapneel Patnekar

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Swapneel is a network security engineer & CEO at Shreshta IT and has been working in the Information Security field for 15+ years. He regularly conducts workshops on Information Security, Network Security Monitoring and DNS/DNSSEC Security.

He is also a board member of India Internet Engineering Society and has been Program Committee member of INNOG group, and actively participates at the various Network Operator Groups (NOGs) and security community in the Asia Pacific region. 

Swapneel shares his knowledge as a volunteer community trainer for APNIC.

George Odagi

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George Odagi is a Senior Internet Resource and Policy Analyst at APNIC. He provides support to the APNIC Policy Development Process and acts as the Liaison officer to members and stakeholders in the East Asia region. He is responsible for seeking liaison opportunities with potential members, in addition to existing resource holders to process allocation requests which is the core operation of APNIC

Wilson Chua

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Wilson Chua is the Managing Director of Future Gen International Pte Ltd. He also manages data centers, works on data analytics, and is an R and Python Technology columnist for Manila Bulletin on Big Data Analytics Advocacies include BASS and Mosquito Real Time Census project.

Srinivas Chendi

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Srinivas Chendi is APNIC’s Senior Advisor for Policy and Community Development and also Liaison Officer for the South Asia region. He is responsible for supporting the APNIC community in the resource Policy Development Process and enhancing the levels of engagement and participation of the members of the community which APNIC serves.

Alex Band

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Alex Band is the Director of Product Development at NLnet Labs, The Netherlands, a not-for-profit foundation with a long heritage in research and development, Internet architecture and governance, as well as stability and security in the area of DNS and inter-domain routing.

Before joining NLnet Labs in 2017, Alex was Technical Trainer and later Product Manager at the RIPE NCC, the Regional Internet Registry for Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia.

Arth Paulite

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Arth is the Infrastructure Services Manager for APNIC, his role focuses on maintaining high availability and reliability of APNIC critical services and network infrastructure.

Arth started his career in 1993 as a Systems support Engineer in the Philippines while finishing off Computer Engineering degree. IN 1995, he joined Destiny Cable and helped established the first cable internet in the Philippines.

Barry O’Donovan

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As an internet infrastructure specialist, Barry has extensive experience designing, building and managing critical network and server infrastructure for small service providers to large scale national ISPs.

Barry began providing services to INEX, the IXP for the island of Ireland, in 2008 where he is part of the management team and the operations team.

Barry is also the project manager and lead developer of IXP Manager – a full stack management system for IXPs which includes an administration and customer portal; provides end-to-end provisioning; and both teaches and implements best practice. He is also heavily involved with Euro-IX, creating software and best practices for IXPs.

Adam Gibson

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Adam Gibson is a Chief Operations and Technical officer for data centres, with experience in top tiered data centres within Australia. With a broad knowledge of the critical systems. Complimenting this is varied experience in systems engineering and network design. Adam’s skill set has proven to be an influential and advisory board approved rated.

Anfal Haider

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Anfal is a Systems Engineering professional with profound experience across System Architecture, Automation, Design and Ops of large-scale application and tech stacks in public cloud, enterprise and on-premises environments.
He has been associated with CYBERNET Pakistan as an Engineering Lead for their Video Delivery Networks, while responsible for end-to-end design, operations and infrastructure engineering.
Recently he has joined Careem (An Uber Inc subsidiary) in Pakistan as a Senior InfraOps Engineer, where he is responsible of managing Cloud Infrastructure and maintaining Site Reliability for technology stack hosting applications with millions of customers