Imtiaz Sajid

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Imtiaz Sajid is a Network Analyst / Network Trainer. He has worked for Internet Service Providers (ISP) and managed service provider as Network Operation, Capacity Planning and Network Design Engineer to to provide L3/L4 support, managed services, design and capacity planning, testing, deployment and swap of IP network.

Affan Basalamah

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Affan Basalamah is an IT Network & Telecom consultant who works for various corporations, ranging from higher education institutions and Islamic multinational business corporations to the largest telecommunications operator in Indonesia.

Elly Tawhai

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Elly Tawhai is a Senior Internet Resource Analyst for APNIC. She is responsible for working with resource holders to process resource allocation requests, which is the core operation of APNIC. As a senior internet resource analyst her role extends to evaluating and analysing network plans from members and the community and making appropriate decisions for the distribution of the Internet resources throughout the region.

Elly also acts as the Liaison Officer of APNIC to members and stakeholders in the Pacific region and an associate trainer supporting the APNIC training team.

Akira Kato

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Akira Kato joined JUNET, UUCP based email network, in 1985, and one of the epoch members of WIDE Project, which is one of the first Internet Projects in Japan in 1987. He has been working for M-Root operation since 1997 when M-Root was moved to Tokyo. He also involved university campus network development and operation in Keio University, Shonan Fujisawa campus, as well as the University of Tokyo. He moved to Keio University Graduate school of Media Design in 2008.

Martin Pels

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Martin is a Senior System Engineer at RIPE NCC. He is part of the team that operates the K-Root and RIPE NCC Authoritive DNS services, as well as the Routing Information Service (RIS). Martin is co-founder of NLNOG RING.

Lars-Johan Liman

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Lars-Johan holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. His career started at the Network Operations Centre at the KTH where he contributed to the operation of the DNS servers, especially Lars-Johan’s keen interest in the DNS soon made him responsible for the service, and when Netnod AB was formed as a spin-off from the university to take over the operation of infrastructure services (including I-root), he became its first employee. Lars-Johan remains in charge of the service, which nowadays encompasses 75+ service points around the globe. His involvement with the community has carried him to leading positions in committees within the IETF and ICANN, and he is involved wherever root-server operations is discussed.

Joshua Riesenweber

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Joshua is an experienced Technical Director at Division 5, working with organisations across a range of industries, including critical infrastructure, health, defence, finance, energy, government, tertiary education, and more. He is passionate about the security community, business operations, technical leadership, and process improvement. He serves as a board member for non-profit organisations and helps enable business transformation through cyber security. He also serves on the CREST International Council – a non-profit organisation focused on raising professional standards and delivering measurable quality assurance for the global cyber security industry.

Anthony Vaccaro

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Anthony has worked in IT for a decade, first at the University of Queensland and AusCERT before joining APNIC in 2019. He has experience working with variousUNIX-based server operating systems, although his expertise lies with Linux, and he enjoys understanding the internals of operating systems and finding the cause of bottlenecks, performance issues and other problems.

Anthony has had a background in security from an early age, being interested in hacking since he was a teenager. These days, he works as a defender and blue-teamer, but he has experience with web application pen testing and network-based attacks as well.

Terry Sweetser

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Terry is responsible for developing APNIC’s external training programs, ensuring that training initiatives support the needs of the APNIC community, in a proactive, service oriented manner for South Asia, Micronesia, Melanesia, Polynesia, Australia and New Zealand.

Terry is Training Delivery Manager (South Asia and Oceania) at APNIC.

Bruce Large

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Bruce is the Principal Operational Technology (OT) Cyber Security Architect at CyberCX and he has 14 years of experience working with IT and OT in network and system engineering roles. Bruce has worked in Electricity Generation, Railway, Aviation, Emergency Services and Consulting industries. ​

Bruce is a Foundation Chartered SABSA Architect (SCF), holds the GIAC Response and Industrial Defense (GRID) certificate and has attended Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Cyber Security training at QUT. He also graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Telecommunications) First Class Honours and a Master of Business (Applied Finance) with Distinction from QUT. ​