Streaming Telemetry

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This webinar will explore Streaming Telemetry as a new approach for network monitoring using a push model and provides near real-time access to operational statistics. Applications can subscribe to specific data items they need, by using standard-based YANG data models over NETCONF-YANG. 

The traditional use of the pull model, where the client requests data from the network, does not scale when what you want is near real-time data. Moreover, in some use cases, there is the need to be notified only when some data changes, like interface status, protocol neighbors change etc.

Course Outline

In this course, we will cover:

  • Traditional Network Monitoring System using Pull Model
  • Issues of PULL Model
  • How does the PUSH based system overcome the limitations?
  • Why do we step back from SNMP and move to Streaming Telemetry?
  • How to build a Telemetry Platform

Course Material