Rupesh Basnet

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Rupesh Basnet has been working in the industry since the early 2007. Currently, he is a co-founder at OM Networks, an IT company, where he leads the company’s technical and research team.

He had previously worked with Internet Service Provider in Nepal for more than 7 years holding different positions and assisting in areas related to System/Network Administration. During the tenure he worked in different projects that involves ISP/NSP’s network/system design, up-gradation & implementation. 

He has also been associated with local and international NOG’s as an active member helping as an instructor in different workshop tracks as well as volunteers in few.

Akira Kato

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Akira Kato joined JUNET, UUCP based email network, in 1985, and one of the epoch members of WIDE Project, which is one of the first Internet Projects in Japan in 1987. He has been working for M-Root operation since 1997 when M-Root was moved to Tokyo. He also involved university campus network development and operation in Keio University, Shonan Fujisawa campus, as well as the University of Tokyo. He moved to Keio University Graduate school of Media Design in 2008.

Adam Gibson

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Adam Gibson is a Chief Operations and Technical officer for data centres, with experience in top tiered data centres within Australia. With a broad knowledge of the critical systems. Complimenting this is varied experience in systems engineering and network design. Adam’s skill set has proven to be an influential and advisory board approved rated.