Lightning fast DDoS detection with FastNetMon Community. (Part 2)

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In this webinar, Pavel will continue from his last session on the FastNetMon Community product with a focus on practical aspects of implementation. You will learn ways to export traffic telemetry information from real routers and how to configure FastNetMon for volumetric DDoS detection. You will also get a detailed overview of BGP integration options available in FastNetMon to stop attacks. We will establish a BGP session during the webinar. 


This course will cover the following topics:

  • Export traffic telemetry information 
  • Configuring FastNetMon for volumetric DDoS detection
  • Overview of BGP integrations 

Course Materials

Pavel Odintsov

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Pavel started his career as a software engineer in domain name and hosting industries. Throughout his career he worked very closely with networks and shortly network security became his passion. Pavel specializes in implementation and operation of different network telemetry protocols such as sFlow, Netflow, IPFIX. His all time favourite protocol is BGP.