LibreQoS and Measuring Latency

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Course Overview

LibreQoS is on a mission to help Internet Service Providers reduce customer latency.
Their research has led to Bufferbloat and mitigations such as FQ_CoDel and CAKE.
In turn, they have used eBPF to improve Linux traffic control throughput – and built a wide range of open source systems to help measure latency and identify bottlenecks.
Combined with active queue management, they provide the tools required to help networks deliver great quality of experience – even in underserved regions.

Course Outline

This course will cover the following topics:

  • 3-slide series with animations showing how “bufferbloat” can affect latency
  • XDP-CPU Map – how we extended the cpumap project to support IPv6, balance CPU usage based on binpacking with historical trends
  • Measuring latency – use ping, right?
  • Measuring TCP latency – represent the actual customer experience
  • A journey through Polera pping, to XDP latency monitoring, to flow-based tracking
  • Deep “packet flow charts” to advance the science-side of AQM
  • Real-time flow analysis and tracking to help ISP operators
  • A quick tour of the “long term stats” project and how it is evolving

Course Material