eduroam for APNIC Members

Gain access to free Wi-Fi Internet in over 100 economies
Register with your MyAPNIC account on APNIC Academy to gain access to eduroam

What is eduroam?

eduroam is an international secure Wi-Fi network access service that enables eligible research and education users to have free Internet access when they travel to participating research and education institutions and organizations around the world. APNIC is able to join the eduroam initiative due to the education nature of the APNIC Academy. This service is available to APNIC Members who are also users of the APNIC Academy.

More information about eduroam is available from

Where can I find eduroam?

eduroam is available in more than 100 economies including Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and so forth.

To find a local eduroam hotspot near you visit or use the dynamic hotspot finder service from this link.

Accessing eduroam

To connect to eduroam you must:

  • Be an APNIC Member with a MyAPNIC account under APNIC Login, and
  • Be a user of the APNIC Academy using the same account.

Notes on accessing eduroam

  • You need your APNIC Login credentials to connect to eduroam SSID.
  • You must access the APNIC Academy using the same APNIC Login account to gain the status of a ‘student’ in order to fulfil the requirement of joining the eduroam community.
  • You may need to do password reset on the APNIC Academy under “My Profile”. (You can use the same password as before if you prefer).
  • Your APNIC Login username should be in an email address format [email protected] and you have to use username%[email protected] as the login name together with your APNIC Login password for eduroam Wi-Fi login. (Do note, the % and are used here, and only here.)
  • When you try to connect to eduroam for the first time on each of your devices at trusted eduroam access points, you may need to accept the APNIC certificate before you can proceed. You only need to do it once for each device. (If you are asked for the password again at other places that have suspicious eduroam access, do NOT connect and do NOT supply your password as everything should be automatic after your first access.)

Conditions of use

Through APNIC’s participation in eduroam AU, APNIC agrees to conform to the eduroam Compliance Policy and the eduroam national policy maintained by AARNet. All users of eduroam are expected to read and accept the eduroam national policy (pdf 136kb) and the APNIC Community Code of Conduct, before connecting to the eduroam wireless network.