Community Trainers

In an effort to deliver localized training and build the skills of the APNIC community, the APNIC Academy has created the Community Trainer Program.

Community Trainers are Internet operations subject matter experts who play an important role in:

  • Providing localized and customized training on operational issues facing their communities.
  • Mentoring their fellow Internet engineers in their local economy or subregion, and sharing their real-world experiences.

Community Trainers are ‘economy champion’ engineers with significant Internet operational skills and experience who can tailor face-to-face training sessions to the audience – scaling it where necessary – validate existing or new content, and propose, develop and deliver relevant content.

Why become an APNIC Community Trainer?

Real purpose

Real purpose, where it really counts

APNIC works for the good of the Internet and those who use it. Here, you’ll contribute directly to a vital goal — helping the people who build, operate and maintain the Internet.

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing

Become a trusted partner of the Internet community. Build your profile among your peers and help develop the skills of your fellow Internet engineers through knowledge sharing and mentorship.

True diversity

True diversity, deep respect

Join a dedicated team of 40+ experts from over 17 economies in the Asia Pacific. Our diversity really is our greatest strength – you’ll be respected and included as we all work towards a common goal of building capacity.

Connection and reach

Connection and reach

Communicate and collaborate with people across the Asia Pacific, and build a regional professional and social network that you can draw upon for advice.

Flexibility and professional development

Flexibility and professional development

Balance your Community Trainer commitments alongside other work or life commitments. You will be engaged either on a monthly retainer or voluntary capacity and have ample opportunities to develop your training and communication skills.

Voluntary and Retained Community Trainers

APNIC engages Community Trainers on either voluntary or retained agreements, with engagements varying accordingly.

Retained Community Trainers

Retained Community Trainers (RCTs) are engaged for a minimum of 5 working days per month on a retained basis. This provides RCTs with the flexibility to continue with other commitments.

Voluntary Community Trainers

The frequency of Voluntary Community Trainers’ (VCTs) engagements may be monthly to quarterly or less, and acceptance of invitations is at the discretion of VCTs.

Apply now to become an APNIC Community Trainer.

For more information about VCTs and RCTs, please contact [email protected]

Current Community Trainers